Dawn H

Nov 10, 2020 | Harassment

I am calling out a man who has stood on street corners for years often yelling at people. He saw that a young man (actually a teenager) had very liberal bumper stickers on his car that promote the LGBTQ+ community and denounce Trump. This young man works at a local coffee shop and this other man came in his truck and just kept circling this young man’s car. Later when the young man and his friend saw the man driving around Division in his vehicle, they had a very loud yelling match with the man yelling all kinds of hurtful hateful homophobic slurs at them, words I don’t even want to type up.
Now he has taken to parking his truck at this young man’s work and just sitting in the parking lot, intimidating him. This young man is terrified to leave his work alone (he is getting great support from his company and hopefully legal action will take place soon). He’s stressed and anxious about being at work.
On Nov 9, I went to the parking lot and parked next to this man. I rolled my window down and tried to engage him in civil conversation about what he is doing is intimidation and cruel. I asked him politely to please leave this young person alone. Unfortunately, the conversation ended up with the man screaming at me, calling me an F-ing Libtard.
I’m hoping for a legal remedy to take place soon (this young man and his friends have approached the police) but it’s horrible that this man thinks it’s okay to scream homophobic slurs at teenagers and to threaten to harm them.

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